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  about us

Welcome to chinArt’s website which serves as a virtual gallery for contemporary chinese art. Here you will find a large selection of artworks to purchase. The collection is divided amongst major art forms used by contemporary chinese artists. There are traditional art forms such as works on canvas/paper, sculpture and newer medium such as photography. Photography has been used widely by a range of chinese artists who conventionally used only oil and mixed media on canvas or paper. Our offering adapts, depending on the trends and development of the fast changing chinese contemporary art market and on the demand of collectors. The actual offering is a mix of works by perceived established artists and by emerging and younger counterparts.

Under « Artists » you can find all works currently on offer with all their details and our team is more than happy to advise on the different works and to deal with your possible inquiries. Please do not hesitate to contact us via mail  ( should you have questions or need additional information.

Some works on our website are for sale. Taxes and shipments costs depend on the buyer’s location.




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