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Miao Xiaochun


Qiu Anxiong - biography


Qiu Anxiong - selected artworks




born 1972 in Chengdu, Sichuan province

    lives and works in Shanghai
    he is also a teacher at Shanghai Normal University




graduated from the Sichuan Art Acadmemy, China



graduated from Kunsthochschule of University Kassel, Germany


solo exhibitions


Nostalgia, Bund 18 Creative Centre, Shanghai


3rd Lianzhou International Photo Festival, Lianzhou

    Staring into Amnesia, Universal Studio, Beijing
    Minguo Landscape, Grace Li Gallery, Zurich


Qiu Anxiong, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan



In the Sky – Animation and Painting by Qiu Anxiong, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong



Decoding Time – Shredding Narratives, mixed media exhibition, Bizart Art Center, Shanghai, China



Painting by Qiu Anxiong, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong


group exhibitions


Other, 11th Cairo Biennale, Cairo


Zeichen im Wandel der Zeit, Staatliche Museen Berlin


Moving Horizon, UBS Art Collection, The National Art Museum of China, Beijing


We are the World, Contrast Gallery, Shanghai

    16 Biennale of Sydney, Sydney
    Staring into Amnesia, Art Unlimited, Art Basel, Basel
    Four Season, china Fine Art Institute, Hangzhou
  2007 Video Lounge, Kunsthaus Zürich
    China Power Stations Part2, Arstrup Fearnleys Museum of Modern Art, Oslo
    Animation Painting, San Diego Museum of Art

Chinese Ink Painting, Guan Shanyue Museum, Shenzhen

  2006 China Independence Film Festival, Paris
    China Power Station – Serpentine Gallery’s offsite exhibition, London, UK


East Wind – West Wind, The Creek Art Center, Shanghai, China


Gift, Modern Art Gallery of Hangzhou Normal College, Hangzhou, China



Celebrating 20 Years of Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong


Four Corners, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore


24 artists from Germany and China, Alexander Ochs Gallery, Beijing, China


Mensa, Alexander Ochs Gallery, Beijing, China



From China with Art, The Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Painting, Galeri National Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia


New Landscapes, New Portraits – Shen Xiaotong, Qiu Anxiong, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong


The 3rd China Oil Painting Exhibition, China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing, China



Chengdu Biennal, Chengdu, China



Tale of two Cities, Asia Contemporary Art, London, UK


The Chengdu Movement, Canvas International Art,
The Netherlands


The Land and Sea, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong



Paintings of Chengdu, Chengdu, China




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